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Wjec units 9521 & 9524 latin vocabulary tester. Number of questions. Direction lat- eng eng- lat. The leading latin course worldwide, book 3 starts by looking at life in roman britain, particularly the towns of bath and chester, and in clc book 2 vocab tester the process investigates religion, travel and communication and the roman army. This vocabulary tester contains all the vocabulary in the vocabulary list for the ocr latingcse ( j282) the gcse latin tester has been updated for the new ocr specification. The version of the vocabulary tester for the retired specification will remain available from the navigation bar. All these words are from the school latin textbook cambridge latin course clc book 2 vocab tester book 1 clc book 2 vocab tester and the vocab checklis. Clc book 1 stage 4 vocabulary test.

This test is designed clc book 2 vocab tester to help prepare you for the stage 4 cambridge latin course attainment test, as well as test your general knowledge of latin clc book 2 vocab tester vocabulary from stages studied thus far. This activity requires javascript or active scripting to be enabled on your browser in order to run. The tiffin school classics department. Learning vocabulary clc book 2 vocab tester is a very important clc book 2 vocab tester part of learning latin. Here is the list you will need to know by the end of year 8.

Clc book 1 stage 10 vocabulary test. This test will examine your general knowledge of checklist vocabulary from clc book 2 vocab tester stages 1- 10 in the cambridge latin course, book 1. There are 40 questions in the test, with words distributed evenly from across stages 1- 10 in both english and latin. Each word is worth one point. Welcome to latinata, a latin resource site for hampton city school s! Cambridge elevate clc vocabulary tester s: i ii iii iv: dictionaries: latin - clc book 2 vocab tester english dictionary. Com clc dictionaries red book blue book green book purple book. Start studying clc book 2 latin clc book 2 vocab tester stage 14 vocab. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Cambridge latin course unit 1 ( book 1) how to play to circle a word, simply click at one end of the hidden word and drag the mouse to the end. Words are forwards and backwards, horizontal, vertical and diagonal. If you do clc book 2 vocab tester it in under five minutes you are brilliant! New search ( number 2: june 1999). Homework and classwork as well as activities and useful links for all clc book 2 vocab tester of mr o' sullivan' s clc book 2 vocab tester classes and clubs. Search user tests. Use the search box below to find tests created by vocabtest. Com users hint: try searching for a set of words if you can' t find something. Cambridge latin course book 2.

Home translations practising the language cambridge textbook 2 answers on this website- each practising the language, exercise and. Study cambridge latin using smart web & mobile flashcards created by top students, teachers, and professors. Prep for a quiz or learn clc book 2 vocab tester for fun! Clc unit 1 vocabulary clc book 2 vocab tester tester - cambridge latin course. Latin to english. Test your knowledge of latin clc book 2 vocab tester vocabulary for unseen translation papers ( a401/ 2). Alternatively, use the clc vocab tester! The latin companion clc book 2 vocab tester - book iii dictionary. The latin companion - book ii dictionary. Video- conference lessons ( latin, classical civilisation, ancient greek) lessons in real- time via video- conference equipment with schools, or skype/ clc book 2 vocab tester facetime to individuals. Our courses are open to students of any age.

Some of our students are as young as 8, others are clc book 2 vocab tester over 80. Our video- conference lessons to schools range in size from 2- 12. View notes - stages 1- 12 from latin pre latin clc book 2 vocab tester at legacy christian academy, frisco. Cambridge latin course clc book 2 vocab tester words & phrases checklists stage 1 ~ atrium, atrii, n.

~ canis, canis, m. ~ clc book 2 vocab tester coquus, coqui,. Resources prev page next clc book 2 vocab tester page. Latin- vocab cambridge latin course. Vocab test clc book 2 checklist13. A clc book 2 vocab tester word will be given in latin- choose the correct clc book 2 vocab tester translation in english. The latin companion - book i dictionary. Clc book 1 vocabulary all vocabulary from clc book 1, including the principal parts, according to the stage in which it first appears. Welcome to memrise! Join millions of people who are already learning for free on memrise!

It’ s fast, it’ s fun and it’ s mind- bogglingly effective. A memrise quiz testing all the chapter vocab from clc book 1. Resources > latin > clc book 1 vocab. Cambridge latin course unit 2 stage 13 vocab.

The vocab of the clc book 2 vocab tester first chapter in the second blue cambridge latin course book learn with. Latin vocabulary tester. Click anywhere to begin. Wjec latin vocabulary tester: number of questions. Select words by clc. Cambridge school classics project 184 hills road cambridge cb2 8pq. Revise clc book 2 vocab tester vocabulary from ocr and wjec lists and clc book 2 vocab tester many others. Highlight problem words. Create, print, download, save and share custom lists and results. Print paper vocab tests for classes.

Cambridge latin course book 1 all vocabulary checklists from cambridge latin course book 1 plus all vocabulary from the alphabetised list at the back of the clc book 2 vocab tester book. Chapter clc book 2 vocab tester 13 model sentences 1. This man is gaius salvius liberalis. Salvius lives in a magnificent house.

The house is in britain. Salvius has many slaves. The wife is rufilla. Rufilla has many maids. The maids are clc book 2 vocab tester working in the house. This slave is varica. Varica is the bailiff. The bailiff looks after the house and other slaves. Cambridge latin trivia quizzes and games. Random cambridge latin clc book 2 vocab tester quiz. 3, 286, 824, 161 quizzes played.

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